Your Business is More Than a Job, a Career or a Source of Income. It’s a Way of Life.

Your business is more than a job, it’s your life.  You need flexible, tailored insurance coverage that addresses specific exposures and goals. Drawing on long experience, a local presence, a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, and the commitment of our people, we can help you manage the risks of day-to-day commerce.

Farm Family’s Businessowners Advantage contains valuable coverage and features tailored to your business operation needs.

  • Property Protection: Buildings, permanently installed equipment, personal property, debris removal, outdoor property; property in transit, accounts receivable, peak season coverage and more.
  • Liability Protection: Premises and operation, personal injury, advertising injury, fire legal liability, medical expense and more.
  • Loss of Income: Business income up to 12 months, paid extra expenses needed to resume normal business operations.
  • Added Protection: Off premises power failure, equipment breakdown, glass coverage, earthquake, spoilage coverage and more.

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We also offer special features to help make your business run smoothly: payment plans, electronic funds transfer with any billing plan, premium discounts and professional insurance reviews. 

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And because the most important part of your business is you, Farm Family also offers insurance to protect your family and assets: